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Property maintenance is key to the success of any rental property - both for the landlord and for the tenant living there. Outstanding issues can have a serious impact on the tenant / landlord relationship and even lead to disputes and un-necessary stress for the parties involved.

At L&B, we provide a wide range of maintenance services for our properties - designed to spot and solve issues quickly and preventing problems from escalating. Investors throughout the UK trust L&B Property Management to manage their properties and adhere to legal obligations and safety requirements.

We take pride in providing quick and professional solutions - aiming for a 48hr turnaround time every time. Our agreements with landlords allow us to get the job done right away and to save what can often be long periods waiting for authorisation. The result is minimal disruption to tenants.

Good communication and relationships with tenants is a big part of identifying issues that need addressing but we also perform regular property checks to look for issues ourselves.

Whilst our team is here to deal with any issues that arise, common maintenance services include: Fixing locks, repairing leaks, replacing broken windows, fixing or replacing utilities like washing machines, decorating, cleaning, fixing faulty electrics, joinery, gardening, heating repairs and more.

If you would like to find out more about our Property Maintenance services, call the office on: 0800 083 8945

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